Picture Cirrus Hugger Ceiling Fan

Picture Cirrus Hugger Ceiling Fan

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The Cirrus Hugger Fan compresses power and design into a small efficient package. The Hugger was introduced in 1999 to accommodate low ceiling situations. This is the fan to aid in apartments with low ceilings. For occasion, this is our preeminent seller into New York City. The Cirrus body has been tied with a extra canopy to produce a 13" overall height with the blades 7" from the ceiling. The Hugger Fan does not be inflicted with one slope ceiling capabilities, however, all other specifications and options are shared with the Cirrus.

The Cirrus Hugger Fan is all die-cast aluminum and existing in a interpretation white and furnish brushed aluminum close. The balanced blades are standard plywood cover. The motor is a distinguished power silicon steel element with 18 poles, designed pro long life and cool running, and is controlled by two capacitors. The Cirrus motor can run by one of three speeds fit by the control. The Modern Fan Company offers several switching and control options pro both alacrity and light control. Please think it over the controls section. All Modern Fan Co. Products involve a damp location UL/CUL item. The Cirrus Hugger Fan is unfilled in a 13" decline and with a 36", 42", or 52" blade span (the diameter of the body is 6" by the top everywhere the blade enters the rotor).

Optional light kits:
350- 75W PAR16 halogen stain light, provides preside over illumination. Adds 2" to height of the fan.
352- 75W A19 bright, schooner globe diffuses light and provides all-purpose illumination. Adds 3" to height of the fan.
353- 26W GU24 low profile compact fluorescent, schooner globe diffuses light and provides all-purpose illumination. Adds 3" to height of the fan.

Source: http://www.ylighting.com/cirrushugger.html

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Cirrus hugger overall length is 13 ". Distance from the bottom of the middle fan line budget knife is 5". Distance from the line knife to ceiling would be around 8 ". Note: Please note that all measurement approaches and for reasons of safety and efficiency you need to ensure the largest possible cleaning...
42" Moder Fan Cirrus Brushed Aluminum Hugger Ceiling Fan

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